Impregnation Spray

DENWAX IMPREGNATION is a Danish product. Best in test of 10 products tested. Large penetration time even after a machine wash. Is colorless. Does not leave stains and blotches on the subject, do not subject stiff, colorless, contains no heavy metals or chlorinated solvents. The propellant 4% and impregnation 96% of the content. Economic use. Can be used for all kinds of fabrics, such as: garden cushions, horse rugs, awnings, parasols, canvas seat covers in the car, folding tops on cars, furniture, blankets, rain gear, tents, snow and skibeklæning, silk, nubuch, nylon and suede.

Size: 500ml

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The subject to be treated should be dry and clean. Apply the atomizer sprayer at a distance of approximately 25 cm. in an even layer. until the workpiece is soaked. Be careful, for example. seams and joints, and especially at the shoulder and sleeves of outdoor clothing. These places are most vulnerable to rain and sleet. (Repeat if necessary. Treatment if necessary).

IMPORTANT: Tent windows and PVC wiped immediately with a soft cloth to avoid burning. Coverage can be calculated (about Gram per 2m) to: Nylon = ca. Polystyrene 30 g / cotton = ca. 160 g Pure Cotton = 180 g. May vary depending on fabric thickness. The impregnation is cured and has achieved its full impregnation ability after 2 hours at 20 ° C. Topics should not be folded, bent or rolled before the curing time has elapsed. NOTE: For use outdoors or in a room with ventilation. Floors can be very slippery for indoor use. Flammable. No smoking. Keep out of reach of children. Can cause lung damage if swallowed. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Contact a doctor immediately. rinse mouth and drink milk.